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Beginners Welcome

Start your Stoke at Baker!

Mt. Baker welcomes applicants of all backgrounds and current winter recreation sport skill levels, including those who are new to skiing, snowboarding, and those who may want to connect to the mountain community in other ways aside from riding.

Thinking about working at a Ski Area can be intimidating if you have never skied or snowboarded before (or even been in the mountain environment), but it shouldn’t be! Every single person at Baker was a beginner once…and many of us started at the ski area never having been on a board before.

Working at Baker is a great way to get access to lessons and programs designed to help you learn to ski, snowboard, and connect with the mountain in new ways.

We are committed to giving you as much access to the mountain as possible as an employee, but skiing and snowboarding are not required (or even expected) for most jobs around the ski area. The connections you make to people and the mountain are unique for everyone, which is one of the special parts of working at Baker, for all experience levels and all people.


Mt. Baker employees are eligible for free participation in scheduled group instruction programs, on a space available basis. Additional policies and restrictions may apply.

Employees Best for Beginner Program
Eligible Employees can sign up for our December Employee Best for Beginners program. This lesson program includes rental gear, and is designed to help employees new to snow sports as well as those who may want to learn a new skill (skiers who want to learn to snowboard and boarders who want to learn to ski). More information will be available during employee orientation.

Be sure to check out the additional perks that are available to all employees – including beginners – on our Get Stoked page.