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Opportunities for Minors

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At Baker, we welcome applications from people ages 14 and up for eligible positions. For more information about how we support minors in the workplace, and what jobs are eligible for people under 18, see below.

Jobs are available to Minors in these departments at Baker:

A message from Heidi, Human Relations Manager

First and foremost, thank you for considering allowing your young adult to apply to work with us for the season! We are a management team filled with parents, and we want you to know… we get it. It’s a big step to send your child off into the workforce, and being their (potentially) first experience in the workplace is a responsibility we take very seriously.

We approach supporting our minor workers (and their parents) in multiple ways:

Employee Development and Training: Our managers and supervisors are deeply committed to growing our young worker population into productive employees and members of the community. They understand that minors may not know what “professional” means, and take the time to set clear expectations for all employees, while also holding them accountable to those expectations throughout the season.
Leadership Development: Managers and supervisors also participate in ongoing leadership development, much of which is tailored specifically to managing and working with minors and people of all ages.
Transportation: Mt. Baker provides a free shuttle service for employees to and from the ski area on days they are scheduled to work. We understand that the road to the mountain can be intimidating for young drivers (and logistically asking you as a parent or guardian to drive them up and back isn’t realistic for most people). This shuttle allows our employees to be transported to work by a driver experienced in navigating Hwy 542 during all seasons. More information on this is available on the transportation page, and at the Parent/Guardian Information Session in October.
Parent/Guardian Information Session: there will be a scheduled information session specifically for you at the end of October, designed to give you more information about Washington State work guidelines for minors (what they can do, when they can work, etc), and how Mt. Baker works in alignment with these guidelines and established best practices.

It is important that our minor employees set realistic goals and expectations for themselves; work matters, but also school, and life. That being said, working at the ski area does come with the expectation that weekends, holidays, and breaks from school are work days that all employees are likely to be scheduled for.

Working at Mt. Baker can be a fantastic opportunity for your child to gain access to the mountain, build experience navigating a work environment, build new job skills, learn how to communicate with others, have fun at work, and be a part of a work community.

Please feel free to reach out to me directly at any time through the season if you have any questions or concerns, and, on a personal note, congratulations on raising a teenager who is motivated and interested in getting a job in the first place. You are already winning.

Let it Snow!
Heidi Orr
Human Relations Manager
[email protected]

Welcome to Mt. Baker! Looking for a job can be overwhelming, but the ski area is a great place to start (or continue) working and making your own money. Depending on your age, there are different jobs available for you to apply for. This is because Washington State has rules and regulations for what minors can do depending on your age, and some jobs at the ski area require skills that need a minimum age to be met in order to do.

It is important to us that you are safe, have fun, and are able to balance work with school and your home life. That being said, working at the ski area does come with the expectation that some or all weekends, holidays, and breaks from school are work days that all employees are likely to be scheduled for while the ski area is open for the season.

Before you can work, you will need to:

Apply: Fill out the application for the job you are interested in working.

Interview: If selected for an interview, attend the interview with the hiring manager. This is your chance to show the “best of you” and explain why you think you will be a good fit for the job you are applying for.

Fill out Paperwork: If a job is offered to you, you will need to fill out tax forms (you need to know your social security number, and have a photo ID like a driver’s license or school ID from the current year).

You will also need to get a School/Parent Work Authorization Form signed by both your parent/guardian and the school office. This must be completed before you can start work.

Attend Training: After your forms are all completed, you will need to attend training for your job. This is when the manager will explain the details of what your work expectations are, as well as how you will get your schedule, and what the best way to communicate with your managers is.

Employees at the Ski Area are eligible for all of the benefits listed on the Get Stoked page. This includes access to the free employee shuttle which can take you to and from the mountain on days that you work, as well as clothing and merchandise discounts, free breakfast and lunch on the days you work, ski/snowboard lesson discounts, and access to the lifts (with your employee ID).

We are here to help you have a great experience in the workplace. We ask that you come to work ready to work hard, be a positive member of our work community, have fun, and be responsible for communicating with your managers and co-workers!

Let it Snow!
Heidi Orr
Human Relations Manager
[email protected]

For details on job availability, requirements & more, check our Jobs 2023-24 page:

For information on Washington State youth employment and required form links, visit WA State Dept. of Labor and Industries: