Now accepting applications for Rentals and Repair Manager.
For 2023-24 Seasonal positions, check back in August!

Welcome! Like you, especially this year, we are looking forward to the coming winter and continuing to provide a fun and positive place for people to be as we all continue to evolve the changes life has brought for all of us over the past year and a half. We’re glad you found your way to us and are considering working at Baker this season because we are going to need plenty of help this winter in order to continue to be what Baker is known for in the best possible ways.

Here at Baker, we are not controlled by equity firms, off-shore banks or a big conglomerate. In fact, we are one of a handful of independently operated and originally owned ski areas still left in the United States. Many of our core Baker crew working here now have literally built this ski area with our own hands, hearts and ideas. We are proud of our contributions to our local, as well as the ski and snowboard, communities. You will not find corporate advertising, shoe stores or facial salons at Baker because enjoying Nature remains the reason we are here, and skiing and snowboarding is what we do.

That said, working in the mountains is not always easy. But these challenges are also part of the great opportunity to be part of the very special business that is recreation; re-creation. Where our jobs are to help each other and our customers rejuvenate, have fun, enjoy the natural world, spend time with friends and family, shred pow.

We know the job application process can be tedious and dry, but we encourage you to go for it because we look forward to learning more about you and your reasons for wanting to work with us. If you have any questions about the application process, feel free to contact us at our Business Office in Bellingham and we can help you out; [email protected] or 360-734-6771.
We wish you well in the hiring process and we hope to see you on the mountain. Photo of mountain supervisors

Gwyn Howat
Chief Executive Officer
Mt. Baker Ski Area, Inc.

Photo: Grant Gunderson

Jobs Details

If you are given a conditional offer for employment here, orientation and training for 2022-23 season occurs November 5-6, 2022 (for most departments), with normal scheduled work beginning whenever the ski area opens for the winter season.

Mt. Baker Ski Area opens as soon as we have enough natural snowfall to operate. This typically happens in mid to late November and our last scheduled day of the season is at the end of April.

During the ski and snowboarding season Mt. Baker’s business depends on employees being able to work on scheduled days which will include key weekends and holidays such as Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Winter Break, New Year’s Day, Presidents Day, Legendary Banked Slalom Weekend, Easter Weekend, Spring Break, etc. While special circumstances may be accommodated on a case by case basis, know that unavailability at these key times may affect your job status in a given department.

Jobs are typically grouped into two types of schedules;
1. Jobs that are typically between 2 and 4 days a week with between 4 and 20 hours per week (Seasonal Part-Time)
2. Jobs that are typically between 3 and 5 or more days a week with between 15 and 56 hours per week (Seasonal Variable Hour)
These estimated hours will vary by department; review job descriptions for more information.

Seasonal job benefits and info subject to change and subject to terms & conditions.

Types of Jobs
Jobs at Mt. Baker:
– Lift Operations
– Food Service
– Janitorial
– Parking
– Instruction
– Ticket Office
– Retail
– Rental/Repair
– Pro Patrol*
– Employee Lodge Cooks & Caretakers

*Pro patrol application available via email. Please contact [email protected] for more info

Jobs at Mt. Baker Ski Area have a base and starting wage rate of $15.75 unless otherwise noted. Increases for experience, merit, and tenure possible.

Transportation & Limited Employee Shuttles
*For the 22-23 season, employee shuttle will be available with stops between Bellingham and Glacier, at designated locations in Bellingham, Deming, Maple Falls and Glacier to and from Mt. Baker Ski Area;, space and availability limited and subject to application approval and waiver signature.

If your housing is off the mountain, it is key you have reliable transportation and/or utilize our free employee shuttles. If your position requires you to work before shuttles arrive – these employees will need to provide their own transportation to the ski area.

Limited Employee Housing
*For the 22-23 season, employee housing availability will be subject to availability, housing application approval, and other factors.

A limited number of room & board dormitory style housing accommodations are available for qualified and authorized employees. If your ability to work here is dependent on receiving employee housing, please note this on your application to begin the process of approval. There is a separate application process for the housing program. Fees for room & board, including dinner, are TBD.

Seasonal job benefits and info subject to change and subject to terms & conditions.

This is an overview of employee benefits and general benefit eligibility requirements for employees of Mt. Baker Ski Area. If you have questions or would like more detailed information please contact [email protected] or 360-734-6771.

• Off-Duty Skiing & Riding Privileges
• Limited Free Employee Shuttle *See above for details & restrictions.
• Free Breakfast and Sack Lunch On The Days You Work
• Ski or Ride At Other Ski Areas *Subject to potential restrictions and other factors.
• Limited Employee Housing *See above for details & restrictions.
• Discounts on Lift Tickets, Food In Day Lodges, Retail, Rentals & Repairs, and Instruction.
• Employee Appreciation Activities and Events

Potential Long-Term Benefits
This is a general overview of employee benefits which can be earned through length of employment, number of hours paid, and/or type of job.

• Insurance Benefits
• 401K
• Paid Time Away from Work

Seasonal job benefits and info subject to change and subject to terms & conditions.