Tree Well & Deep Snow Safety

Tree Well and Deep Snow Safety

Treewell & Deep Snow Safety

• Always ski or ride with a partner, and STAY IN VISUAL CONTACT
• Avoid skiing or snowboarding near trees.
• Assume all trees have hazardous tree wells.
• Skiing and riding on groomed runs is recommended to help avoid tree wells & deep snow hazards.
• See “Tree Well & Deep Snow Safety” brochure for details or

If you witness or suspect someone is having a tree well or deep snow emergency help initiate rescue and contact patrol immediately at a patrol station, the bottom of the nearest lift, or by phone at 360-300-7070

Fortunately, the risk of falling into a tree well or deep snow hazard is completely avoidable.

A real-life scenario tree-well immersion scenario happened in the backcountry of Mt. Baker in March of 2023 and was captured on GoPro video by the rescuer. You can view the video and read more about the scenario at KOMO NEWS here.