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Day Lodges & Food

Mt. Baker has 2 base area lodges, Heather Meadows and White Salmon, and the Raven Hut mid-mountain lodge and each lodge has different menu offerings. You can find services & menus for each lodge at the links below.

Anticipated operations for Friday February 23, 2024

Day Lodges & Food

Service White SalmonBase Area Raven HutMid-Mountain Lodge Heather MeadowsBase Area
Food Service Closed Open Deli & Main Floor Counter Service Open
Indoor Seating Closed Open All floors open
Outdoor Seating Closed Open Open
Beer Service Closed Main floor open Tap Room & Deli open

White Salmon Day Lodge

Mile Marker 52
Also known as the "Lower Base Area"

Raven Hut Lodge

Mid-Mountain Lodge

Heather Meadows Day Lodge

Mile Marker 55
"Upper Base Area"