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Day Lodges & Food

Mt. Baker has 2 base area lodges, Heather Meadows and White Salmon, and the Raven Hut mid-mountain lodge and each lodge has different menu offerings. You can find services & menus for each lodge at the links below.

Daily Operations Report

Anticipated operations for Friday February 3, 2023

Day Lodges & Food

Service White SalmonBase Area Menu Raven HutMid-Mountain Lodge Menu Heather MeadowsBase Area Menu
Food Service Open Counter Service Open Deli Counter Service Open
Indoor Seating Open Open Limited to Deli
Outdoor Seating Open Open Closed
Beer Service Main floor Maine floor & back bar open Limited to Deli

White Salmon Day Lodge

Mile Marker 52
Also known as the “Lower Base Area”

Raven Hut Lodge

Mid-Mountain Lodge

Heather Meadows Day Lodge

Mile Marker 55
“Upper Base Area”