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Parking & Travel Tips

White Salmon parking lot

Mt. Baker is a mid-sized ski area, with limited parking spaces. On weekdays, plenty of parking is usually available. On weekends and holidays, however, our parking areas can sometimes fill up early in the day. Powder days and otherwise awesome conditions increase the demand for parking. Following the tip list, and checking the Parking Status here prior to and during your trip, are the best ways to set yourself up for a smooth shred day experience with us.
Parking at White Salmon lot


Arriving early can be the key to success for first-come, first-served parking. We see a wide variety of winter enthusiasts traveling up to the ski area for a variety of recreational activities and it is no surprise that with an increase in population and in interest there is an increase in pressure for the parking spaces that are available. For the best chance of getting a spot on a weekend, holiday or pow morning, we suggest you plan to arrive after the parking areas open, ideally sometime around 8:00 AM. (see Parking Status updates for daily updates on opening times) If you can't arrive by 8:00 AM, the next window for best parking availability is after 12:00 PM. These times are especially important if you have lessons booked. Give yourself ample time to arrive by 8:00 AM so you and/or your children can make it to your lessons or programs on time. While we have traditionally never imposed parking reservations or fees, we reserve the right to respond to evolving circumstances with measures to help address the demand for limited parking space.

Baker Bus

The Baker Bus Ski and Snowboard Club is a community-based nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting outdoor recreation via transportation to the Mt. Baker Ski Area and reducing traffic contributing to polluting the Nooksack River watershed.
Heather Meadows parking area by Chair 1


• Winter Driving Prep and Road Conditions
We've got links here to help you make sure your car is prepared for the trip, and to check current conditions on the highway.
• Allow Plenty of Travel Time
Check our Directions page for travel times and map.
• Be Mindful of Heavy Visitation Times
On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays traffic is heaviest in the morning, from about 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM. By aiming to arrive during an “off peak” time like weekdays and weekend afternoons, you might enjoy a more casual drive up the mountain.
• Carpool
Help preserve parking space and reduce vehicle emissions by carpooling with others to Mt. Baker.
• Afternoon Shred
Coming for an afternoon of skiing or snowboarding is a great way to avoid the morning traffic congestion! We offer a reduced price lift ticket available from 12:30 until closing time.
• Visit Midweek
C’mon up any weekday and there should be less crowds and more available parking.