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Overnight Parking – Occupied Vehicles

We have a limited number of sites available at our Heather Meadows and White Salmon Parking lots for overnight parking during the winter season. ALL vehicles staying overnight in those lots MUST have reservations, including unattended cars. Bear in mind that this is not a traditional RV campground – Mt. Baker gets the most annual average snowfall of any ski area in North America and these unique conditions mean that all Overnight Parking users are required to be familiar with, and adhere to, all of the Overnight Parking policies and guidelines.


Overnight parking reservations are now available starting Dec. 13th.

Map of Overnight Parking areas

Reservations are made through Roverpass. Although the sites are numbered in Roverpass for reserving, we do not actually have assigned individual site numbers in the parking lots. Instead we have site areas where you will be parked according to your reserved site number. See maps above.

Check-In: 5:00 pm
Check-Out: 4:30 pm

Check in with the attendant at the Overnight Parking Kiosk. There is a kiosk located in both White Salmon and Heather Meadows parking lots. If the attendant is not there, leave a message on the board and park in an open site within the designated overnight parking area that corresponds to your site#. An attendant will come around during the evening to check you in.

NOTE: You will NOT be guaranteed a parking spot if you arrive prior to 5:00 pm. Be aware that during weekends and holidays the parking lots may near capacity and it can be difficult, or actually not possible, to park a large rig. If you want to guarantee your spot and plan on arriving prior to 5:00 pm, you can reserve your spot for the night before your arrival.

We highly suggest arriving prior to 7:00 pm if possible. The WSDOT does not plow the highway past 3:30pm, and there can be a lot of snowfall after that time. So for your safety and ease of driving, we suggest arriving prior to 7:00. Check the WSDOT link on the left for official road conditions.

If you will be arriving later than 10 pm, please contact us at [email protected] to make special arrangements.

ALL VEHICLES MUST FIT WITHIN THE DESIGNATED SPACE YOU RESERVE! This includes RV’s, Trailers, vans, tow rigs, cars and any additional rigs staying overnight.
• If ALL vehicles do not fit in the designated space, you must reserve either a wider space, a longer space, or an additional space prior to arrival.
• If you do not reserve the appropriately sized space(s) in advance and all your vehicles do not fit into your space(s), you will be required to remove any vehicles that do not fit into the space(s) from the ski area.

TRAVEL TRAILERS: Site length is determined by TOTAL LENGTH of trailer AND tow rig combined.

Occupied vehicles: Maximum 7 nights in a row
Unoccupied vehicles: Maximum 2 nights in a row.

Overnight Parking Policies & Guidelines

All vehicles and items located outside in your site MUST be clearly visible at all times. During snowfall, perform regular snow removal and make sure all vehicles and items in your site are visible and/or clearly marked at all corners for visibility.

For safety reasons, ABSOLUTELY NO TENT CAMPING is allowed in or adjacent to the parking areas.

Park ONLY in designated areas and in your reserved area – see Overnight Parking maps. No parking around lodges, in undesignated parking lots areas or on highway.

Depending on snow conditions, you may be required to temporarily move your vehicle(s) to allow for snow plowing. If vehicles are required to temporarily move, we will contact you either by phone or in person between 3:00 – 5:00 pm. Be sure to check your messages each day during this time. – If vehicles are require to move for plowing the next day, they MUST be moved to a cleared spot in the lot the next morning by the designated time. Plowing will be in process usually for a couple of hours. Overnight vehicles must then move back to their previous spot in the overnight zone once cleared to by authorized Mt. Baker personnel.

Reservation holder must be age 18 or older. Reservation holder must be present at site every night of reservation.

100% refund until 3 days prior to check-in. 50% percent refund 1 day prior, then the reservation is non-refundable.

Note: All refund calculations exclude the RoverPass service fees and credit card processing, which are non-refundable.

All vehicles must be self-contained – no hookups are available.


• Sunday evening – Thursday evening non-holidays: accessible 7am-7pm, gate closes at 7pm and reopens at 7am
• Friday evening – Saturday evening and Holidays: accessible 7am-10pm, gate closes at 10pm and reopens at 7am

*Lots may be closed due to weather, equipment operations or other unforeseen circumstances.

• Quiet time 9pm – 6am; no generators/loud activity
• Be considerate of your neighbors, area visitors and ski area personnel
• Keep your site clean
• No UAV’s (drones)
• No firearms
• No fireworks
• No snowmobiles/ATVs

Fires in designated areas only. Must use fire pit and haul out fire debris. NO FIRES ON ASPHALT.

Monitor and REMOVE your own garbage. Pack it in, pack it out. There are no dumpsters/garbage cans available for overnight parking.

Clean up after pets, keep pets on leash.