Pre-season conditions & info updates: Snow Report

  • The ski area is closed and is NOT CONTROLLED FOR AVALANCHES. AVALANCHES may occur at any time ... hazards are not marked. TREAT THIS AREA LIKE BACKCOUNTRY AT ALL TIMES.
  • Ski Area crew may be in the Base Areas, facilities and on the mountain at any time, prepping the ski area for operation. Give crew and equipment a wide berth, and respect all closures.
  • Read the full Ski Area Closed advisory HERE!

5th Grade Ride Free

General Information & Requirements

5th Grader skiing photo

Any 5th Grader who is enrolled in the program is eligible for a FREE lift ticket any time they visit Mt. Baker during the current season.

During each visit, there must be one accompanying adult who has a season pass or purchases a lift ticket per two FREE Program Participants.

Proof that the participant is currently enrolled in the 5th grade for the 2023-24 school year is required. Proof consists of a report card, school ID, or teacher note (must be on school letterhead or sent from an official school email address). For Homeschoolers to be eligible, please bring a letter of intent.

Participants must be between the ages of 9-11 as of December 31, 2023 to qualify for the 2023-24 season 5th Grade Ride Free Program.


1. Visit the webstore to complete program enrollment online and sign an electronic Release Agreement.

2. Bring proof of enrollment in the 5th grade to either the Bellingham office or to the ticket office at the ski area on your first visit to pick up your Daily Lift Ticket Program Card. Ticket offices are located at the Heather Meadows Base Area and the White Salmon Base Area.

Proof of enrollment in the 5th grade includes: student ID card, report card, teacher note (on school letterhead or from official school email address). For homeschoolers, please bring a letter of intent.

Mail-in, phone, and in-person applications are not available at this time.

If one of the 5th Grader’s parents or guardians is a 2023-24 Mt. Baker Season Passholder, view the 5th Graders Photo ID page for info on the photo ID option.

5th Grade Art Contest

Download the coloring contest pdf below, draw what best represents Mt. Baker Ski Area to you, & your artwork could be chosen to be displayed on the front of next year ’s 5th Grade ride free card! All students who will be 5th Graders during the 2023-24 school year are eligible to enter.

5th Grade Ride Free Program Rules

1. For a Daily Lift Ticket Program Card or a 5th Grade Photo ID to be valid for use, Participants must meet eligibility criteria and a valid Release Agreement must be signed.
2. All participants must be enrolled in the 5th grade for the 2023-24 school year and be between the age of 9-11 as of December 31, 2023 to qualify for the 2023-24 5th Grade Ride Free Program.
3. The 5th Grade PARTICIPANT MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY AN ADULT LIFT TICKET OR SEASON PASS HOLDER in order for the 5th grade Daily Lift Ticket Program Card, Photo ID, and/or daily lift ticket to be valid for use. There is a maximum of two 5th Grade Ride Participants per each adult.
4. If the 5TH GRADE RIDE FREE PROGRAM CARD OR ID IS FORGOTTEN, the Participant must PURCHASE A DAILY LIFT TICKET at the full daily lift ticket rate. There will be a $10 replacement charge.
5. The 5th Grade Ride Free Program Card or ID is NOT TRANSFERABLE, EXCHANGEABLE, AND/OR REFUNDABLE and is valid only during the 2023-24 season. The 5th Grade Daily Lift Ticket Program Card or Photo ID may be used only by the Participant named during enrollment. ANY ATTEMPT to sell or transfer use of the 5th Grade Ride Free Program Card or ID subjects the user of the Card or ID, as well as the Participant, to FINES AND PROSECUTION under Washington State Law, as well as revocation of all skiing and snowboarding privileges at Mt. Baker Ski Area. If the Card or ID is misused or if any of the information provided during the application process is inaccurate, the Participant’s Card or ID privileges will be revoked.
6. To be eligible for the Photo ID the parent, legal guardian, or an adult approved by the parent or legal guardian must PURCHASE AN ADULT, SENIOR, OR SUPER SENIOR SEASON PASS.
7. If there are any restrictions to the number of people using Mt. Baker Ski Area and/or any of its facilities, a system may be implemented for such restrictions and the Participant may be subject to following any processes or procedures for such restrictions.

Program rules subject to change.