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Baker Roots

photo of old growth tree

If you've been to Mt. Baker, you might have discovered that this place is so much more than just a place to ski or snowboard. The mountains are rugged and beautiful, the snow is bountiful (oftentimes the most snowfall in the world is here), the trees are old and twisty and BIG. The people who work here and play here tend to feel like family - one big family and countless small families. Many people have put down roots at Mt. Baker. Some are deep roots that have grown over decades, others are brand new after their first visit. In this section we want to spotlight some of these people. Artists, photographers and filmmakers who celebrate this beautiful place and capture the magical feeling of skiing and snowboarding. Local companies who we work with to build and maintain the facilities and make unique, quality food and merchandise. Non-profit organizations who are working to break down financial and logistical barriers to provide snow sport opportunities and education to a wider range of people. Locals and other people who have had an impact on making the ski area what is today. Our crew, who we consider the best ski area operators in the world, from the first-year lifties to the 50-year veterans. And a history timeline of the area because the history here is deep. Mt. Baker Ski Area has been locally owned and operated since 1953, and there are many more stories from the decades and centuries prior.

We will be adding content here through the year, so be sure to check back for more spotlights, stories and ways to connect to this mountain community of ours.



Artist for the 2022-23 Season Passes & Website
As a Bellingham resident for over a decade, Veda loves spending time being active outdoors. Growing up in a family of artists who have a strong affinity for their home mountain, she has always felt supported in her creative endeavors and recreational pursuits. Creating art is a very grounding experience for her and is a form of meditation. Veda's art reflects a visual representation of how she feels about the world around her. Like most people that go to the mountain, skiing feels like a gift from Mother Nature that makes her feel free, and she is so thankful for it.


Boyd Starr

Fixin’ to Retire after 47 years at Mt. Baker Ski Area
As a valued member of our core year-round crew since 1974, one look at Boyd Starr’s mountain hands and you will see some of the hands that literally helped build the ski area and keep it running for the past 47 years. If you’ve ridden a chair lift, skied on Daytona or White Salmon, turned on a light in a lodge, pulled into a freshly plowed parking lot or enjoyed one of the lodges, then you have benefited from Boyd’s work.



Winner of the 2021-22 Artist Point & Shoot Contest
The Artist Point & Shoot Photo Contest is an annual event held in collaboration with The Ski Journal and The Snowboarder's Journal and hosted on the @artistpointandshoot Instagram page. Che Contreras has won the 2021-22 this year's contest for his photo taken on the Shuksan Arm. Che is a multi-talented rider, he can be found most powder days at the front of the in line ready to rip. Even though he's also one of the fastest riders on a banked course he isn't above slowing down to catch an iconic shot of those he spends time with in the mountains. With regards to his winning shot Che said, "it was one of those sunny April mornings, right after pausing to watch the hanging glacier release Dan dropped in and ripped the tube". Well, we are glad they snapped this shot and took home the overall prize a 2022-23 Any Day Pass to Mt. Baker Ski Area. Stay tuned for details on next season's contest on our social media channels.

Rider: Dan Scanlon



Our soup chef, Knut Christiansen of Paellaworks, recently spent time in Poland volunteering with World Central Kitchen to help feed Ukrainian refugees. If you would like to support the efforts of World Central Kitchen, visit WCK donation page..

Paellaworks creates delicious custom soups for our daily soup specials during the season and well as preparing the paella for the Legendary Banked Slalom.



Anne is a filmmaker based in Bellingham. Anne spends her winters at Mt. Baker eating french fries and trying to keep up with her friends on the bootpack with her heavy camera pack. She specializes in honest, fun, slice-of-life cinéma vérité films. She runs a production company called Mad Trees, directing and producing a variety of projects in the outdoor industry and beyond.

Spotlight Community Program

Lhaq'temish Program

This program is working to provide opportunities for Lhaq'temish Tribal Members of Coast- Salish Puget Sound Region Tribes to enjoy the wonders of the snow at Mt Baker. The ski area has developed special pricing for this program, and the foundation helps to provide transportation, equipment and opportunity for the members. Stay tuned throughout the season for more information and opportunities to get involved.