Tuesday • 3:15 pm
November 25, 2014
12 hrs 24 hrs
6" 10"
Temperature 32°
Base Heather Meadows 28"
Base Pan Dome 35"
Weather Snowing lightly
Slope Conditions CLOSED
Operation Closed
Notes We are happy to report that the forecasted warm front has not had a big effect on us yet and instead is hitting hard further south. We are waiting until tomorrow at 2:00 pm to see how this forecasted warm front plays out. At that point we will be able to make an announcement on whether we can open for Thanksgiving Thursday or will have to wait a bit longer. All fingers and toes are crossed for minimal warmup and keeping our good base for a Thursday opening!

We will continue to update this report daily, so stay tuned.

Mt. Baker does not have a set opening date; we open whenever we have enough snowfall accumulated. Depending on the conditions (heavier compacted snow, light and fluffy snow, etc) that can range anywhere from 24 - 40 inches needed on the ground.

Photos - Nov. 25