Thursday • 7:47 am
November 27, 2014
12 hrs 24 hrs
0" 0"
Temperature 39°
Base Heather Meadows 14"
Base Pan Dome 20"
Weather gusty and raining
Slope Conditions See info below
Hours Heather Meadows Lodge open 9:00-2:00
Operation See below
Notes DANG! Sorry to say. . . .Its a rain out on Chair 2 and the Handle Tow so no go on the lifts for today.

It blew 60mph on Pan Dome at points last night with pounding rain all night. And how about that late evening thunder and lightning that was here for a short bit as well?

The jet stream's fury is draining out somewhat better then expected, but the 5 inches of snow that we lost overnight just didn't allow us enough left for the unloading ramp at the top of Chair 2 and the handle tow just has too much water around it right now. We were up to a nearly a 30 inch base just two days ago and have lost 16+ inches of snow in about 48 hours. Wow.

But. . .there are some hiking areas left and The HEATHER MEADOWS LODGE WILL BE OPEN today from 9:00-2:00 and serving hot food, holiday spiced wine and microbrews. The Retail shop will also be open.

We are going to hunker down today and will update more about Friday and the weekend late this afternoon.

One day at a time. . . .

Photos - Nov. 25