Wednesday • 5:37 am
March 4, 2015
12 hrs 24 hrs
0" 0"
Temperature 25°
Base Heather Meadows 21"
Base Pan Dome 39"
Weather Clear
Slope Conditions Machine Groomed
Hours 9:00 - 3:30
Operation Mid Week Operation out of Heather Meadows Base Area.
Notes The beautiful sunshine and awesome views should continue for today. Chair 2 has good conditions for beginning skiers and snowboarders. If you or someone you know have ever wanted to learn to ski or board, now is the time!

We are operating out of the Heather Meadows base area today from 9:00 - 3:30. Chairs 1, 2, and the Heather Meadows Handle Tow will be open, with DISCOUNTED LIFT TICKET rates in effect and the FIRST 25 TICKET OR PASSHOLDERS to check in at a ticket window will receive a voucher for a FREE HOT WAX.

We plan to have Austin and the Blueberry Cat Track open for advanced skiers and boarders. Heather, 7-Hills, and Roly Poly will be open for beginners.

This week, we are offering 2014-2015 Mt. Baker Season Pass customers 40% OFF SOCKS, GLOVES, MOST HATS and GOGGLES.

Please note that VARIABLE SNOW BASE CONDITIONS DO EXIST. You need to ski and ride with extra caution because there are sudden terrain changes and features, rocks, sticks, creeks, and patches of
thin coverage around the ski area. Expect some thin patches of snow base at lower elevations and be sure to be aware of slow and marked areas.

Running Austin Gates - Sunday, March 1st

Feb. 9, 2015 -

In light of the unusual weather patterns in the Pacific Northwest this year, we decided to look back at our snowfall statistics to see if we could find some comparable years.  And the two closest matches we found were 1976-77 and 2004-05.  We do not have daily snowfall recordings for 1976-77 but the snow base at Heather Meadows was recorded.  Last season also had a slow start to the snowfall, but take a look at what happened in the spring of those three seasons:

So looking at the statistics, previous comparable seasons have seen fantastic spring snowfalls.  And with 76 potential operating days left (as of February 9, 2015) we are optimistic that we can see some great skiing and snowboarding days ahead of us at Mt. Baker this season!


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