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Culture is defined as the customs, arts, social institutions, and achievements of a particular social group. If you are reading this you may identify as a member of what loosely be called the world of skiing and snowboarding. Even if this is your first of hopefully many future moments being captivated by the stunning imagery found in the mountains, the elation of scoring a perfect bluebird powder day, the merriment of reflecting on a friend’s infamous bail and all the shared experiences that add up to what brings us back winter after winter. The additional effort of documenting those lived experiences and turning them into some other medium has the power to codify what one might call mountain culture. It is here we connect with the outside world and one another. While there are many more visionaries out there we would like to honor a few of those creative individuals here as torchbearers of our current cultural boundaries. May they venture ever further and we hope you enjoy seeing the mountains through their lenses along the way.