2022–23 Season Pass info info & link to purchase

Mostly Midweek Season Passes

Online sales only - starts Oct. 5 at 10:00 a.m. PST (Waiting Room opens at 9:05 a.m.)

Process for buying 1 pass for someone else

Pass Purchase process - new guest

#7: GUEST INFORMATION - If you are buying a pass for someone else
Option A: If your passholder is already linked to your account.

Select their name from the drop-down menu under "Guest Info", then complete or update the rest of the info fields.

Option B: If your passholder is NOT linked to your account.
Skip the drop-down menu option, go directly to the birthday entry and complete the information in the form with the info for the person you are purchasing the pass for.
Note: if your passholder is a minor, the form will not require or accept an email address for them.


ERROR MESSAGE: “Email Address already in use”


OPTION A: if your passholder is an adult
It is possible your browser’s autofill overwrote unauthorized fields. Please go BACK and try again without using your browser’s autofill.

OPTION B: if your passholder is a minor
It is possible the person you are buying the pass for has already entered their email address with the Mt. Baker system at some other time (buying a lift ticket, lesson, or some other item)
Add the prefix “t-” to the front of the email address. (i.e. if the address is “[email protected]”, change it to “[email protected]

Pass Purchase process - pass photo

#8: Pass photo
Option A:
If the passholder was a Mt. Baker season passholder in the past 3 year and had a photo taken for their pass, we will reuse it. Please do not select this option if they do not have a photo on file.
Option B: Upload a photo (file from your desktop)
Option C: Capture a photo (with camera on your computer or smartphone)

If you are uploading or capturing a photo, keep in mind that uploading a photo that does not meet criteria will slow down the pass-making process and take them longer to get their pass! Think passport photo but they can smile. No hats, wigs, costumes, crazy faces or anything obscuring their face.

Pass Purchase process - other options

#9: Other Options
Since you are just getting the 1 pass, bypass these options by clicking "Proceed to cart"

Pass purchase process - cart

#10: Review Cart
Make sure everything is correct in the cart, and click "Checkout"

Pass Purchase process - shipping

#11: Shipping
- Double-check shipping info.
- If you prefer to have the pass shipped directly to you rather than the passholder, checkmark "Copy from Account Information"
- Be sure to scroll down and re-enter the correct email address in the "Confirm Email" field.
- Click "Continue

Pass purchase process - Billing

#12: Billing Address
- Double-check Billing info. The name and address must match your credit card billing info for the order to process!
- Click "Continue

Pass Purchase process - billing info

#13: Billing Info
- Enter your credit card or gift card info
- Click "Review Purchase"

Pass Purchase process - order review

#14: Order Review
- Review order carefully!
- Click checkbox to agree to the Purchase Policies and Mountain Policies
- Select "Complete Purchase"

Pass Purchase process - waiver

Once your order is successfully submitted, you will be taken to the first page of the online Release Agreement. Your pass purchase will not be considered complete until this agreement has been successfully signed and submitted.

Option A: Passholder is an Adult
The Passholder must sign this online Release, NOT the purchaser. Close this screen and check your email for a confirmation email from Mt. Baker Ski Area. This email contains the link for the Passholder to sign to the required online. Simply forward the email to the Passholder so they can sign the release.

Option B: Passholder is a Minor
A legal Parent or Guardian of the Minor Passholder must sign this online Release.
If you are a legal Parent or Guardian, follow the steps on the screen to read and submit the online Release.
If you are NOT a legal Parent or Guardian, close this screen and check your email for a confirmation email from Mt. Baker Ski Area. This email contains the link for the parent or guardian to sign to the required online. Simply forward the email to the parent or guardian so they can sign the release.

Pass purchase process - confirmation

You will receive an email confirmation with receipt and detailed information on how you or the passholder will receive their pass.