Golden Egg Hunt


What a fun day we had on the mountain at the Golden Egg Hunt! Katie found her golden egg in a stump in the Toilet Bowl, and Geoff found his golden egg under Raleigh the Raven in The Sticks, winning them both a 2023-24 Mt. Baker season pass!

We had a great time with the kids and families as they chased 6,000+ eggs around on Chairs 2 & 3.

Thank you to everyone who joined us, and we hope you all had a great day on the snow and got some tasty candy from our easter bunnies!

The 2023 Golden Eggs

Egg #1

Found: at 12:37pm in a stump in the Toilet Bowl

– It’s for sure a no way to put it back in play … or so they say.
– Just like the Romans we like to socialize here…bring your friends
– No job is finished until the paperwork is done
– Pray to the Gods, sit on the Throne. The egg is cozy in its little home
– Forks, sharp edges and a table top are around here and even one of these……
– Clean the bowl look for the stump
– Top of bowl in a snag hole

Egg #2

Found: at 12:55pm under Raleigh the Raven in The Sticks

– We don’t know what to say except he hates it when you stay away.
– Charlotte, Durham, Greensboro
– You might eat dust but it’s a springtime must!
– The location is tricky, you will have to be talented
– Try to touch, click a pic, be timid but know your limit
– Metal and Wood! It will be good!
– Baker Ravens poop gold!
– Finding they egg is not easy, but you’re steezy – so meet me in the sticks!