Annual Rescue Skills Refresher

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Do you have the skills to rescue your partners if they get caught in an avalanche? Have you spent enough preseason time sharpening up critical beacon search, pinpoint probing and strategic shoveling techniques? Has your touring or hiking crew practiced working together in a simulated rescue scenario? Are your skills strong enough to save a life?

Our annual refresher course helps strengthen these skills. In a field setting, we will tackle topics such as multiple burial search, efficient probing strategies and strategic shoveling techniques. We will also run small teams through three timed, simulated scenarios to speed the efficiency of your rescues and hone communication in pressure situations, while debriefing with productive feedback from instructors who have observed hundreds of simulated rescues to identify areas for improvement.

This one-day session is designed both for those new to companion rescue topics or for those who have already taken a Level One course. Similar to re-upping your first aid certs, it is an annual refresher to keep critical skills sharp for when they are needed most.


• Practice Companion Rescue In Groups
• Three Simulated Avalanche Scenarios
• Structured Group Debriefs and Feedback From Evaluators
• Designed For Those Who Want To Keep Rescue Skills Sharp


This class will be all in the field in advanced ski or snowboard terrain. It will consist of avalanche rescue scenarios where students will act as a group to self-rescue in an avalanche burial situation. Focus will be on multiple-burial beacon searching, pinpoint probing, and strategic shoveling in simulated scenarios.


Lift tickets for non-passholders for field components. Curriculum assumes participants have the ability to ski or snowboard terrain typical to backcountry runs. Students will be accessing more/most difficult (blue/black) named runs within the ski area boundaries.


• Backcountry rescue gear such as shovel, probe, beacon and pack
• Outerwear appropriate for field sessions.
• Skis or snowboard, as we will be moving about the ski area during the field sessions.


This field session meets outside at the Heather Meadows Base Area at 1:00 and end at 3:00 pm


Minimum 10 / maximum 16 (4 students / 1 instructor per field group)

2022-23 Date

January 71 - 3 pm$48

Enrollment Begins December 1