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Freeride Feature Zone Safety

Freeride Feature Zone

Freeride Feature Zone

Freestyle terrain & features areas are designated with an orange oval and may contain jumps, hits, ramps, banks, fun boxes, jibs, rails, half pipes, quarter pipes, snowcross, bump terrain and other constructed or natural terrain features. Prior to using freestyle terrain and/or features, you are responsible for familiarizing yourself with the area and obeying all instructions, warnings and signs. Freestyle skills require maintaining control on the ground and in the air. Use of freestyle terrain and features exposes you to the risk of serious injury or death. Inverted aerials are not recommended. You assume the risk.

Freeride feature zone terrain is intended to be used by creating your freeride line through a combination of natural terrain and features. This terrain is meant to be used in a reasonable and appropriate manner at all times, including appropriate speed, ability, and use of the features as they are intended. Natural hazards exist in this area.

Freeride Features Zones may contain Small, Medium, and/or Large snow and/or wood constructed features.

YOU And Only You Are Responsible For Appropriate Use and Are The Sole Judge Of Your Ability. By using this area, you choose to assume all risks of use. .
If you get hurt and decided to sue us, this sign will be marked “Exhibit A”.
Freeride SMART

Freeride Feature Zone Smart

The Freeride Feature Zone Smart is as follows:

1. START SMALL. Work your way up. Build your skills.
2. MAKE A PLAN. Every feature. Every time.
3. ALWAYS LOOK before you drop.
4. RESPECT the features and other users.
5. TAKE IT EASY. Know your ability and limits.

Before using features, scout area by riding, observe features and terrain BEFORE use. Stay clear of others.

Ride features in control and at your ability level.

Start small and work your way up to linking more feature and terrain in succession, creating your freeride line.

Use Etiquette:

Do not stop on or ride through landing zone.
If there are boards, skis, or markings in front of a jump, the jump is closed so go around feature.
When not using features, stay off to the side of the trail, out of the way.
Use features at appropriate speed, use only features of your ability and of in the manner in which they are intended.
Don't jump off the sides of the takeoffs.
Inverted aerials are not recommended.