Extreme Danger Zone

EDZ Policy Sign

An EXTREME DANGER ZONE possesses additional risks to those already inherent to skiing and snowboarding.
When you access this area, you are entering an EXTREME DANGER ZONE which possesses additional risks to those already inherent to skiing and snowboarding.
IF YOU CHOOSE TO ENTER THIS AREA, IT IS AT YOUR OWN RISK and you need to treat this zone with heightened awareness of the mountain environment.
IN THIS AREA IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT YOU TAKE ADDITIONAL PRECAUTIONS associated with this type of terrain, deep snow, and tree well accident prevention and includes but is not limited to the following:
1. An understanding that UNPREDICTABLE NATURAL HAZARDS EXIST IN THESE AREAS, that may cause trauma, serious injury, or death. These include but are not limited to:
• Avalanches and sliding or falling snow
• Sliding or falling ice, rocks or other debris
• Hidden and/or visible cracks, schrunds, holes and creeks
• Cliffs, drop-offs and extreme terrain
• Deep snow and tree well suffocation hazards
• Snow pockets & unstable snow pillows
• Limited visibility
• Additional unmarked natural and human-related hazards may exist, including those unknown at this time
• Variable snow conditions and other hazards associated with ungroomed areas and extreme terrain
2. Riding with A PARTNER who remains in visual contact at all times.
3. Knowledge of YOUR ROUTE.
4. Knowledge of current SNOW CONDITIONS.
RESCUE MAY NOT BE POSSIBLE and rescue fees may apply.

Rescue Fee Sign


There is a $750 rescue fee for any rescue in Cliff, Closed, Extreme Danger Zone, Gunners Zone, Canyon Zone or Backcountry areas. Additional fees may apply.