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Covid-Related Operations Plans, Policies & Guidelines for 2021-22

Mount Shuksan and Chair #3 photo

Effective September 9, 2021

As winter unfolds, all the good things about the mountain remain but, dang – it looks like we will be navigating covid again this season.

Despite this ongoing challenge, time spent at the ski area has continued to be a bright spot in our winter lives. And we now know that the combination of the Baker crew and the mountain community can together maintain a healthy, fun, rejuvenating place for many while also negotiating the changing conditions of covid. We have developed multiple plans for operating through a variety of conditions, and our crew will continue to use our experience, including things learned from the successful season last year, to navigate any changes ahead. This, combined with the resilience and continued efforts of the mountain community as well as a promising forecast, bodes very well for another great season!

Our current Covid-related operations plans, guidelines and policies for the season are detailed below. Be aware that any or all of these may change at any time and may become more or less restrictive. This page will contain the most current policies and guidelines in effect. Please check back for any updates prior to your visit. Mt. Baker will continue to monitor, and comply with, any changes to local, state and federal guidelines and mandates.

Covid Guidelines & Policies

Facial Coverings Indoors:
Facial Coverings are required for everyone when indoors, regardless of vaccination status, unless actively eating or drinking.

Facial Coverings Outdoors:
Facial Coverings strongly recommended outside, when physical distancing isn’t possible, regardless of vaccination status.

Maintain physical distancing of 6 feet while in lift lines and all other indoor and outdoor areas.

Vaccinations are not required for general public for ski area access.

Stay Home or Go Home if you have or are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19.


2. Your presence at the ski area during the COVID-19 pandemic is AT YOUR OWN RISK. By choosing to be here you acknowledge and ACCEPT THE RISKS associated with COVID-19.

3. IF YOU ARE UNWILLING OR UNABLE to comply with COVID-19 policies, you agree to LEAVE THE SKI AREA IMMEDIATELY.

4. YOU ARE SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR COMPLYING with Ski Area and Washington State COVID-19 policies.

Operations & Access


Be sure to check the website snow report the day prior to visiting the mountain, and the morning of each visit to verify operational plans for the day of your visit.

Heather Meadows Base Area
Open 7-days-a-week, conditions dependent, through February. Open Saturdays & Sundays, March through end of season, conditions dependent. Check Snow Report daily for updates.

White Salmon Base Area
Open 7-days-a-week, conditions dependent. Check Snow Report daily for updates.

Raven Hut Lodge
Open 7-days-a-week, conditions dependent. Check Snow Report daily for updates.

In addition to the indoor restrooms at the 3 lodges, we have 1 restroom trailer at Heather Meadows, 2 restroom trailers at White Salmon, and up to 8 portable toilets near the Raven Hut to expand our restroom capacity.

• See “Facial Coverings & Distancing” section above


Overnight Parking will be limited and by reservation only.

• See “Facial Coverings & Distancing” section above

– Chair lifts may be loaded with 4 people.
– You may elect to ride the lift with members of your own party or household only, or you can choose to ride with people who are not of your own party or household.

Lift Lines
– Maintain distancing guidelines in designated line areas.
– There will be no singles lines.

• See “Facial Coverings & Distancing” section above


Due to a significant increase in Covid-19 cases in Whatcom County, we have temporarily suspended indoor dining and updated our indoor dining policy, effective Friday Jan. 7th:
• All indoor facilities access requires people to be wearing facial coverings at all times.
• Lodge access is available for food purchases, retail, warming, rest breaks and restroom use, provided facial covering is worn at all times.
• Food Service and our normal 2022 menus and beer service continue to be available with outdoor seating at all 3 lodges. However NO EATING OR DRINKING WILL BE ALLOWED INDOORS during this temporary revision.
• If you are not wearing a facial covering when inside our facilities you may be asked to leave the facility.
• Remaining unmasked when inside our facilities and/or disrespectful behavior may result in being removed from the ski area.

In addition to the indoor restrooms at the 3 lodges, we have 1 restroom trailer at Heather Meadows, 2 restroom trailers at White Salmon, and up to 8 portable toilets near the Raven Hut to expand our restroom capacity.


Daily Lessons schedules, pricing and reservations available here. There may be reduced capacity for Lessons at times.

Daily Lessons:
– Online reservations recommended for daily lessons to guarantee your spot.
– There will be a limited number of walk-in lessons also available daily.

Discovery Learning Area
– Independently explore learning to ski or snowboard in our hosted self-guided learning area.

• See “Facial Coverings & Distancing” section above

Multi-week Programs are scheduled to run as noted with small groups and spacing guidelines in effect.

Program schedules, pricing and enrollment available here.

• See “Facial Coverings & Distancing” section above


• Reduced capacity inside rental shop with line outside.

• Reservations recommended to help expedite rental process.

• See “Facial Coverings & Distancing” section above


• Mountain Shop areas will monitor capacity to be in compliance with physical distancing and all other mandated safety practices.

• Lots of great custom Mt. Baker merchandise is available in our online store .. SHOP ONLINE

• See “Facial Coverings & Distancing” section above

Bellingham Business Office

• We are encouraging as many sales and services normally made at the office to be made online. Season pass sales are ONLY available online.

• Limited capacity in the lobby, others line up outside with distancing.

• See “Facial Coverings & Distancing” section above

Season Passes

Thank you for your interest in purchasing a Mt. Baker Ski Area Season Pass. Like you, we are very much looking forward to the upcoming season and being back on the mountain with the Mt. Baker community and the forecast looks very promising!

While we recognize that this year has its own uncertainties, and will likely also have its own challenges, we continue to have confidence that together we will all be able to adapt, navigate this winter , operate the ski area and have the opportunities for passholders to use and enjoy their passes. As usual, there will likely be some variability in operations this year in adapting to the challenges ranging from the weather to Covid. However, before you choose to purchase a pass, you will need to consider the uncertainties around Covid and how it may impact the operation of the ski area and your pass purchase and our No Refund policy:

– We will continue to follow and adapt to Washington State, Local and L&I guidelines as needed. At this point we do not intend to have more restrictive measures than what is required, however if conditions warrant and we change that approach it will be within the Federal, state or local options and abilities as a company.

– Our Covid-related guidelines and policies may or may not impact how you access the facilities and services at Mt. Baker. These policies may change at any time and may become more or less restrictive, and may affect things for short or long periods of time.

– If we do not open the ski area this winter then we will issue either a full credit toward next year or a refund to our current passholders.

– All 2021-22 Mt. Baker Season Passholders are required to agree and adhere to the Season Pass Release Agreement and sales terms, which includes our normal policy of no refunds, exchanges, transfers or credits issued on season passes once they are purchased for the 2021-22 season at Baker.