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Before You Go



BEFORE YOU GO: Rental & Instruction Releases

Minors (Under 18) need parent signature to rent equipment and/or participate in instruction programs. Download and complete forms before you go to save time!

How To Prepare For Your Lesson & Day on the Mountain

Fuel & Rest Up

Skiing and snowboarding are active sports. Make sure to eat a good breakfast and follow it up with a hearty lunch to ensure that you have fuel for the entire day.Make sure to get lots of sleep the night before. You'll have more fun if you're not tired

Travel Time

Directions & Travel Info To Mt. Baker Ski Area
Give yourself plenty of time to travel to the mountain and get set up for your lesson and rental equipment. We recommend arriving a minimum of one hour before your desired lesson start time. Check road conditions and follow WSDOT Winter Driving tips.

What to Wear

Base Layer

Make sure to wear a synthetic or wool base layer. Polypropylene blends make a good choice for both long underwear base layers and socks. AVOID COTTON, it's cold and gets wet easily.

Mid Layers

Bring a fleece, down, or wool layers to wear over your base layer and under your waterproof shell. Mid layers are great to have, and if you get too warm you can always take them off.

Outer Layer

Waterproof jacket and pants are extremely important in the northwest. The conditions at Mt. Baker can be variable and staying dry is key to having fun in a mountain environment.


Helmets are great choice for keeping you head warm, dry, and protected. Make sure to look for one that is designed for winter sports. If you choose to wear a hat, under your helmet or on its own, make sure it is made either of synthetic material or wool.


Waterproof gloves are just as important as your waterproof outerwear layer. If your hands tend to get cold, waterproof mittens are a great choice.


Snow goggles shield your eyes from the elements.


It is a good idea to bring extra layers and outerwear, including extra hats, gloves, & goggles. That way if anything gets wet or cold, you can change into a dry set. It's also a good idea to have an extra set of clothes to change into for after your day on the mountain to make your ride down more comfortable.

Once You Have Arrived

Responsibility Code

Remember to follow your Responsibility Code and Mountain Policies. These policies exist to keep everyone safe in the mountain policies. Policies can be found online, on the back of the trail map, and posted at the information kiosks at each base area.

Trail Map

Carry a trail map with you. While there are lots of people who can help you find your way, it pays to know where you are and where you are going. Trail maps available at ticket windows, admin offices, instruction desks, and inside the lodges. Online Version

Ski/Snowboard Buddy

Ski or snowboard with a buddy. When you hit the slopes before or after your lesson, make sure to find someone to ski or snowboard with. Not only is it more fun to share the experience with someone, it's also safer than skiing or snowboarding alone.


Don't forget to drink water throughout the day. It can be easy to forget to stay hydrated in the winter weather and dehydration can have serious effects on your ability to perform physically.